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Welcome to RCS Painting Solutions, your trusted painters for exceptional painting services in the Taranaki region.
As passionate painters based in New Plymouth, we take pride in delivering flawless finishes for both residential and commercial projects. 

At RCS, we go beyond mere paint application. We create transformative experiences by combining meticulous attention to detail with top-notch service. Our qualified team ensures that every stroke of the brush reflects excellence. Whether it’s an interior makeover or an exterior facelift, we leave no room for compromise. We specialise in the following areas, click on them to find out more.

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Where Excellence Meets Trust

When RCS Painting Solutions takes on a project, it’s not just about applying paint to walls. It’s about the trust you place in us, whether it’s your home, your property, or important project. We take this responsibility seriously, just as seriously as we take achieving sharp lines and a flawless finish.

Our commitment to excellence is woven into everything we do, whether we’re working on residential or commercial projects. Here’s what sets us apart:

  1. Punctuality and Reliability: We respect your time. Expect us to be punctual, reliable, and dedicated to keeping you informed about the job’s progress.
  2. Trustworthiness: We don’t just talk the talk; we prove our trustworthiness through our work. The evidence? Look at our impeccable painting results.
  3. Safety First: Safety isn’t just a checkbox for us, it’s our top priority. We take precautions to ensure a secure work environment.
  4. Sustainability: We adhere to sustainability and environmental best practice to help do our part to preserve this beautiful planet.

Proud Taranaki Painters

Based in Taranaki, we proudly serve New Plymouth and the surrounding region. As qualified painters, we’re passionate about transforming spaces into works of art. Our commitment extends beyond paint, it’s about creating lasting impressions.

Ready to add colour, vibrancy, and elegance to your world? Contact RCS Painting Solutions today! 

Priyanka sharma
Priyanka sharma
We recently had our home painted by these wonderful people. They are very professional and skilled in their jobs. They invoiced us only after we signed off and were satisfied with their work. My husband and I highly recommend them to you; get all your paintings needs get sorted. You won't regret it!
Michelle Bowater
Michelle Bowater
RCS did an amazing job of patching and painting for us. They fitted us in a very short notice which is really appreciate! I highly recommend Paul and his team.
John McCullough
John McCullough
We googled up Taranaki painters after two ‘big name painters, were too busy to get back to us. We phoned RCS Master Painters. Within a few hours we met with Paul on site. The job was the total internal painting of a two story home, all wall papered walls with peeling corners & joins, ceilings, doorways, skirting boards, windows etc. Appropriate and considered questioned were asked e.g. would you like inside wardrobes, inside pantry, cupboards painted etc. Within 24 hours we had a detailed quote, room by room. We were given a time frame of 3 days before he could start the job and 6 weeks to complete. Within that quote was a recommendation that one room be done first, to ensure the painted wallpaper finish was ‘as expected’, before continuing. Peeling paper had been glued, joins sealed with a very good finish. The whole job was finished, perfectly, in 1 day short of 5 weeks. Brilliant job. The walk through on completion, for inspection and final approval, gave no reason to not give sign off. A fantastic job. Can’t say enough good things about this painter!! Cheers John
NorthWest Kiwi
NorthWest Kiwi
Excellent customer service, timeliness and quality of work, and a thoughtful team who work around a customer's requirements. They did a full sand-down and repaint on my house exterior which has changed it from shabby to beautiful. I'd recommend RCS in a heartbeat - and I'd be happy to bring them on board for future painting jobs too.
Jill Kenyon
Jill Kenyon
Paul and team were great to work with. Did everything they said. Great communication. Not once was i let down. At the end of the job, he walked tgrough the house with me and marked any spots needing touch up. I had a big job for them whole interior ceiling to skirting board including doors and frames and cupboards. Great work, very happy. Price was comparable with other quote. Thanks team. Highly recommend
Rene Spitz
Rene Spitz
Paul and his team at RCS were incredible. I had an urgent job and he juggled things around to fit me in. Paul's a perfectionist, which is exactly what you want in a painter. They did an incredible job painting tricky parts of our house and it turned out perfect. I'll be using RCS for all my painting needs moving forward.
Emily WANG
Emily WANG
Very professional painter. I highly recommend them, good quality, good value, responsive and they do what they said and will certainly be using them for any future decorating work.
Jaime Jara
Jaime Jara
So professional. Very punctual. The best painter I've used in Taranaki


Here you’ll find handy tips and info related to both residential and commercial painting

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Frequently asked questions

Here are some common painting-related questions.

Make sure to evaluate the specific needs of the building, are their environmental factors to take into account, balanced with the desired aesthetic. It’s important to remember that the durability and longevity of the paint will have a significant impact on the overall maintenance costs of the building, take this into account to gain significant savings in the long run.

Choosing the best colour for a commercial building involves considering various factors such as the industry, your competition, location, and target audience. The colour should not only reflect the brand but also create the right atmosphere for employees and customers.

Take the time to research and consult with, reach out to RCS to help with colour choices for your building.

Select high-quality, durable paint designed to withstand New Zealand’s climate and salty air.  Opt for paint with high UV protection to shield your home from the harsh UV rays in New Zealand.

Look for paint with mould or mildew resistance to endure the wetter climates of New Zealand. Consider eco-friendly options with low VOCs to minimise environmental impact.

Consult with RCS Solutions for tailored recommendations on materials and colours.

Regular water blasting can make a house look clean, while adding building wash can provide sanitising benefits. Water blasting a few times a year is sufficient for most normal homes to maintain a pristine appearance.

Fading happens faster in exterior environments with prolonged exposure to sunlight.

Choosing the right sheen and high-quality paint is crucial. Limiting UV light in interiors can help prevent fading. Using vibrant tones on exterior paint should be avoided. And apply more than one coat of paint for better durability.

The weather has a major impact on the condition of your roof, causing paint to flake. Summer and winter temperature fluctuations can strain the roof’s structure, leading to paint chips and cracks. Furthermore, prolonged exposure to rain and wind can cause significant damage to the roof’s surface.